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The New Start

Like many other groups, Covid 19 has had its effect on us.   A break of over 2 years has meant that people's lives have changed, and they often have different pursuits now.   In our case this has meant that we have had to accept resignations from members who have, over the last 30+ years, served us well as officers of the Society.   In the case of Davyth Fear and John Mithan they have decided to retire as Secretary and Treasurer of our society.

So it is that we start again with new faces in their roles.   We believe that there is still life in our society and have decided to continue our work. We received two new members at our first meeting.   Lectures have been arranged as far forward as March 2023 and other speakers will be approached to share with us their interests in astronomy.   The science has continued to move on and thus there will be many subjects we can explore together.

To our existing members our message is "Come along and share knowledge with us.   If you are reading this and have not paid us a visit yet, why not start now?"   We are a happy and friendly group who love to share astronomy with others.   Membership is as little as £10.00 a year.

Meetings monthly on the first Thursday (except August)

Horse Head nebula in Orion.jpg

Horse's Head Nebula in Orion

Artemis 1.jpg

Artemis 1

Tycho Central mountain.jpg

Central mountain in Tycho Crater on the Moon



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